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Windshield Replacement- Central Kentucky Auto Glass

Windshield replacements involve removing the damaged or compromised windshield from a vehicle and installing a new one in its place.

This process is typically more extensive than windshield repair and is necessary when the damage is too severe or extensive to be effectively repaired. Here's an overview of the windshield replacement process at an auto glass shop like Central Kentucky Auto Glass:

Assessment of the Windshield

A professional technician at Central Kentucky Auto glass will assess the damage to determine if the windshield can be repaired or if an auto glass replacement is necessary.

Factors such as the size, location, and severity of the damage, your insurance company, as well as the safety implications, are considered in the replacement process and the windshield replacement costs.


Choosing a Windshield Replacement

If replacement is deemed necessary, the technician will select a new windshield that matches the specifications of the vehicle, including size, shape, and features like tinting or sensors for the auto glass repair.

Preparation of Auto Glass Replacement

The vehicle is prepared for windshield replacement. This may involve removing exterior trims, wipers, and other components that could obstruct the removal and installation process.

Removal of Cracked Windshield

The damaged windshield is carefully removed from the vehicle. This is usually done by cutting through the adhesive that holds the windshield in place. Special tools are used to avoid damaging the vehicle's frame and interior.


Surface Preparation

The area where the new windshield will be installed is thoroughly cleaned and prepped. Any old adhesive residue is removed, and the surface is cleaned to ensure proper adhesion of the windshield.

New Windshield Installation

A windshield is carefully placed into position. Precision is crucial to ensure proper fit and alignment.

Adhesive Application

A high-quality adhesive sealant is applied to the windshield frame, and the windshield is carefully lowered onto it. The adhesive is chosen to meet safety and manufacturer standards for glass repairs.

Alignment and Pressing

The windshield is aligned and pressed firmly into place to ensure a secure bond between the glass and the vehicle's frame.


The adhesive requires time to cure and achieve its full strength. This usually involves leaving the vehicle stationary for a certain period, allowing the adhesive to set properly.


Any removed components, such as trims and wipers, are reinstalled. The vehicle is inspected to ensure all components are properly
positioned and functioning.

Quality Check

The replacement windshield is inspected for proper fit, alignment, and security. The technician will ensure that the replacement meets safety
standards and regulations.



The interior and exterior of the vehicle are cleaned to remove any debris or residue from the replacement process.

Safe to Drive

After the replacement windshield has fully cured and passed all quality checks, the vehicle is considered safe to drive.

Windshield replacement is a critical procedure, as the windshield plays a significant role in a vehicle's structural integrity and passenger safety.

It's important to have the replacement performed by qualified professionals here at Central Kentucky Auto Glass, using high-quality materials to ensure the safety and functionality of the vehicle.

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