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Windshield repair refers to the act of repairing minor cracks or damages on a vehicle's windshield, which is an essential part of its safety system. It provides structural support and shields the driver and passengers from various environmental elements while driving. Central Kentucky Auto Glass proudly serves central Kentucky and is your #1 source for the windshield repair process.

Here are some important points regarding the windshield repair process:

Types of Damage on Auto Glass


Floater Crack

A floater crack is a crack that appears in the middle of the windshield, away from its edges. It typically starts there and extends outward. Floater cracks can vary in length and are caused by factors like temperature changes and stress on the windshield.


When a rock, pebble or debris impacts the windshield, it can break off a small piece of glass, resulting in a chip. Chips are usually circular or semi circular in shape and can vary in size. They are generally considered as the least severe type of windshield damage.

Star Break

A star break is a type of chip that resembles a star shape, often with multiple lines radiating from a central point of impact. Rocks or other debris hitting the windshield commonly cause star breaks.


Similar to a chip, a bullseye refers to circular damage on the windshield caused by an impact. Usually, it's larger than a chip and has a clear center point of impact with visible rings around it.


Cracks are more significant damages that occur due to impact or stress on the windshield. They can vary in length and direction and may expand over time if not addressed promptly. Cracks have the potential to compromise the structural integrity of the windshield and obstruct the driver's view.

Combination Break

This kind of damage happens when different types of cracks or chips combine. For instance, a combination break may exhibit characteristics of both a bullseye and a crack.

Windshield Repair vs. Windshield Replacement

The decision and process to repair or replace a windshield depends on the extent and location of the damage, whether it will be a windshield repair versus the entire windshield needing to be replaced through a mobile service. Minor chips and cracks that are smaller than a certain size can usually be repaired, while larger or more severe damage may require a complete and full windshield replacement.


Glass Repair Process of a Cracked or Broken Windshield: Windshield Repair Process

A trained technician examines the type, size and location of the windshield damage to determine if it can be fixed or needs to be replaced as the first step of the windshield repair process. The damaged area is cleaned and prepared carefully to ensure that the repair materials adhere properly. Using a special tool that creates a vacuum to remove air and moisture, a specialized resin is injected into the crack or chip in the windshield. The resin fills up the damaged area, restoring the strength and stability of the windshield. Ultraviolet (UV) light is used to harden and bond the resin with the glass, ensuring it becomes solid. Any excess resin is skillfully leveled out so that it matches with the surface of the windshield smoothly.

The repaired part undergoes polishing to enhance visibility and clarity, making any damage less noticeable. A thorough check is performed by the technician to confirm that the repair was successful and that your windshield is safe and secure. Once the repair is done, it would be advisable for the driver to refrain from washing the windshield or subjecting it to extreme conditions for a brief period. This will ensure that the repair fully sets and prevents any further damage.

It is crucial to promptly address any cracked windshield damage to prevent its expansion and maintain the glass structural integrity. It's important to note that the exact process of repair may vary based on factors such as the severity and type of damage, as well as the techniques and equipment utilized
by the repair technician.

Benefits of Windshield Crack Repair

There are several benefits to fixing a windshield rather than windshield replacement. It can save you money compared to a full windshield replacement, preserve the original factory seal and get your car back on the road faster and have your broken windshield fixed quicker. Another advantage is that repairing a windshield is more environmentally friendly since it reduces waste.

Leave Auto Glass Repair to the Pros

Although DIY windshield repair kits are available, it's advisable to have professionals handle the repairs. Trained technicians can accurately assess the damage and use specialized equipment and high quality
materials for the job.

Auto Insurance Coverage

Many insurance policies from your insurance company include coverage for windshield repair under their comprehensive plans. This means policyholders may not have to pay out of pocket for small repairs, making it a cost effective option with auto insurance.

Safety Matters

A properly installed and undamaged windshield plays a vital role in maintaining the vehicle's structural integrity and ensuring the effectiveness of safety features in the vehicle interior, like airbags . If any damage, small crack, or small chip obstructs your view or compromises the strength of your damaged windshield, addressing the issue promptly with glass repair is crucial.

Auto Glass Damage Preventive Measures

To reduce the chances of a cracked windshield like rock chips or minor damage, maintain a safe distance from other vehicles on the road to minimize debris hitting your windshield.

Also, try to be gentle when closing doors and maintain a safe distance from big trucks, particularly when driving on gravel roads to avoid creating small cracks in the windshield.

Keep in mind that not every kind of windshield damage can be fixed as part of the windshield repair process. It's important to consult with a professional technician to decide whether it should be repaired or replaced. If you observe any damages on your windshield, it's advisable to have it evaluated promptly so that the right steps can be taken.


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