Is Safelite No Longer Servicing Tesla Vehicles?

On the Tesla Motors Club community page, Tesla vehicle owners shared stories last week of challenges getting repairs done, like a crack in Tesla windshield.

A Tesla Model Y owner in Marietta, Ga., posted about a spider crack in the glass roof that Tesla would not repair, but offered to replace for approximately $1,500. The Tesla representative told the owner to call Safelite for a repair for the crack in their Tesla windshield. However, on the day of the appointment, the Safelite technician told the customer that the company doesn’t service roofs on Teslas, explaining management told him not to service roofs on Teslas. The Tesla Y owner called Safelite’s customer service. “They told me that they are stopping work on Teslas because it has been a nightmare for them to deal with Tesla. If something goes wrong, they need a part, need assistance, whatever, dealing with Tesla has been horrible,” the owner posted. The Marietta resident, who is in the Atlanta metro area, added they are unsure if this decision by Safelite is local to the metro area or company-wide.

A commenter in Texas responded that if Telsa says the roof needs to be replaced, the Tesla owner should replace the roof. This commenter’s insurance usually goes through Safelite, but when making a glass claim, was told to contact Tesla.

An Arizona commenter said Safelite did “a great job” on their Tesla Model X, and shared a photograph.

On the other hand, a commenter identified as living in North America said a windshield claim was made in September with Safelite through insurance and also directly with Tesla. Safelite gave the Tesla owner a six-week estimated delivery time, but Tesla had the windshield within one week. “I went with Tesla as a result. Point is, Safelite did not refuse my claim but had a much longer lead time for replacement glass,” the commenter shared.

The Marietta Tesla owner later responded that Tesla did not say the vehicle needed a replacement glass roof, but that all the company could do is replace the roof. “Me: I need a couple of stitches on my finger. Tesla: All we can do is cut off your whole arm. We suggest going to a doctor. Doctor: We don’t stitch Tesla fingers,” the owner quipped. Then concluded: “That’s where I am at.”

At press time, neither Tesla nor Safelite had responded to requests from for comment.