Well here’s some examples of what “Well another place can do it cheaper” comes with down the road!! 
The cheaper places:
1: Use the cheapest tools on the market, which causes tons of scratching and damage to your pinchweld area 
2: Prep the Pinchweld Correctly 
3: Incorrectly apply Aktivator’s and Primer’s 
4: Use the Cheapest Urethane on the Market 
5: The cheaper urethanes take weeks if not months to completely cure all the way through
When 1-5 are all combined together the results aren’t just what you see in the photos, but it’s also a safety hazard. If your windshield is not installed correctly, the windshield can come completely out during an accident and can cause a minor accident to become a catastrophic accident!! 
People have been seriously injured, paralyzed and even worse all from trying to save a few bucks on a Windshield Replacement. 
If you have Full/Comprehensive Insurance Coverage in the state of Kentucky USE IT! It will not raise your premiums, you will not have to pay a deductible and it will not go against your policy like an accident!! 
If your don’t have full coverage, don’t waste your time with the rest, call the best!! We guarantee your replacement for life! We use Top of The Line products to do our replacements with! Along with top of the line tools! 
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