Central Kentucky Auto Glass

A full coverage insurance for your front windshield can go a long way in helping you avoid replacement costs which can go pretty high. Between $175 and $2000 to be more precise, and averaging at around $500. However, your windshield replacement cost with insurance can go as low as $0!

That’s right, if you just choose to work with the right auto glass repair & replacement shop, your deductible will be the grand total of nothing. How is that possible? Well, for example, at Central Kentucky Auto Glass, we’re considered a preferred installer in the Central Kentucky Area, so when you work with us, you get certain benefits.

Just like people looking for a quality procedure, insurers also do a thorough check of shops they choose to recommend. It might come as a surprise!! For example, are our technicians certified? Do they have actual experience in the field? What kind of glass do we repair and replace? Just windshields, or side and back glass too? 

Just In Case Your Wondering, Yes We Are Certified Repair Technicians, Yes We have Tons of EXPERIENCE!! We repair or replace any kind of Glass on anything that moves, wether it’s on Wheels or Tracks or even if it Floats or Fly’s, we will take care of it!! Yes, we do Windshield’s, Door Glasses, Back Glasses, Side Glasses and even those Top Glasses that include Sunroofs, Moonroof’s and the new Panoramic Roofs!! 

In case of a windshield replacement, is the glass that we work with OEM approved? Absolutely!!

When you choose to work with a shop that your insurer views as professional, then you can be sure that you’re getting a quality procedure. And, that’s true whether we talk about windshield repairwindshield replacement, or any other type of auto glass installation you might need.

Central Kentucky Auto Glass